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Q & A With ALEX's Wife TRUDY HARVEY Uploaded JULY 2009

20 Questions For TRUDY From SAHBOFFICIAL

Background Track - S.A.H.B - Give My Regards To Sergeant Fury - From The Album - THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM!

1 - From - Sergeant Fury Hi Trudy, did Alex at any time regret splitting up SAHB & if so why didn't he just call em up.

TH - Regards to Sergeant Fury. Alex wasn't the kind of person to dwell on such things as 'regrets'. He had his reasons for doing what he did. I think he was experiencing a kind of creative frustration which had nothing to do with SAHB in particular. He'd run up against a wall in his musical career and needed to take time out. He had a faith in the rest of the band and thought it was great that they struck out on their own. That's why he wanted to work with Tear Gas in the first place. He believed in them enough to know that they'd got a lot to offer with or without him. I don't think it was a question of 'just calling 'em up' that wouldn't have been a problem.

2 - From - Ginnie Trudy, did Alex like telling jokes?

TH - Hi Ginnie, I'm sure he did but Alex was more the kind of person that liked to tell stories. A great joker willing to be the Hunchback of Notre Dame or Frankenstein's Monster or James Cagney, Marlon Brando or Hitler. Sorry I don't have any Alex Harvey jokes up my sleeve.

3 - From - sahb76 Trudy where did Alex get his stripey and is the shop still open ?

TH - Hallo SAHB 76. The first t-shirt was probably bought at least 35 years ago. Can I remember where ? No ! Is the shop still open ? I don't think so ! I suggest you buy a black and white striped t-shirt, place it in the washing machine with some red knickers (lots of them) and you might produce an Alex t-shirt replica ! Good Luck and have fun looking for the red knickers. No, I don't remember where they come from !

4 - From - Caveman Would it be too much of an intrusion to ask where Alex's ashes were scattered, I read in the John Neil Munro book that Les's ashes were scattered at the Sands of Morar, and I wondered if Alex's had been as well, the reason I ask is that the Sands of Morar has always been a very special place for myself and my family, just because it is such a beautiful place, and it made me wonder if it was a wee bit more special than I had thought, thanks for reading this Trudy, and feel free to tell me I'm a nosey bugger and you're telling me nothing!!!!

TH - Hi Caveman, yes the Sands of Morar is the right place and what a magic place it is too. A place Alex held fondly in his heart. We spent many rainy summers there with the family.

5 - From vambo 1 uk Hi Trudy Could you tell us a wee bit about Alex's Toy Soldier hobby? Did he have a room for it etc. or was it stuffed under the bed? What did you think of it?

TH - To Vambo 1 uk.Alex hated war but he loved those little toy soldiers. We would trail the street markets of London looking for the broken ones. Alex would then lovingly repair and reshape them using Araldite. Perhaps he wanted to make all soldiers killed in wars come to life again. At first he did all this in a walk-in cupboard but then we had more room and they were displayed in a glass cabinet. I thought it was great and it kept him out of mischief !!!!

6 - From thetomahawkkid1 Alex must have had lots of demo tapes, is there any chance they might see the light of day?

TH - Hi the tomahawkkid, I dare say. Maybe someone who's got them will come clean !

7 - From trench Which other singers/bands did Alex admire during the 70's

TH - Well, Trench, The Tubes, Manhatten Transfer.....Ian Drury......Sex Pistols

8 - From Mrs Foster Hi Trudy, Alex was often called the Godfather of Punk, how did this fit on his shoulders, was he chuffed, embarrassed or proud?

TH - Hallo Mrs Foster. Alex would have been proud to be called the Godfather of Punk.....absolutely!

9 - From Victor 55 At what point in life did you meet Alex and what was it about him(not show-biz Alex) that you said yourself- that's my man?

TH - Hi Victor. I met Alex in the Marquee Club in Wardour Street, London when he was 29 and I was 18. I thought he had a Dick Turpin look about him. Someone who was tough but very kind. I'd actually gone to see Long John Baldry and the Alex Harvey Soul Band were the supporting band. I was a very naive then and it was a different era. I had never heard anyone use the word 'fuck' in so many different ways and thought 'how interesting' I like him but I don't think my father would approve !! The rest is history.

10 - From Craigie Dee Was it you that washed his stripey shirt with colours ?

TH - Yes....see question 3 from SAHB 76

11 - From Catherine Do you have a favourite track from the SAHB era? And were you ever actively involved in any of the music or lyric writing?

TH - Hi Catherine. Not actively but I certainly was there during the process fetching the broth and doing the washing-up. I did suggest he danced bum to bum instead of cheek to cheek with the dancing girls. What more can you ask from a rock 'n roll wife

12 - From zigzagwanderer If he were with us today Would Alex be surprised that the band are still playing and the music is still adored by us fans? Would he encourage Zal to get back on stage?

TH - To Zigzag wanderer. He'd be surprisedd and thrilled and he'd have encouraged Zal to do whatever makes Zal happy.

13 - from Caveman Was Alex aware of his influence on other artists, and the admiration many musicians and performers had for him, and if so, how did he feel about it?

TH - Well, Caveman, Alex was well aware that a lot of performers and musicians liked what he did . He knew his fans loved him too but was sometimes baffled by it all. I think basically if you want to remain sane you can't 'inhale' too much when you're in that kind of position.

14 - From hef Hello Trudy Alex quite obviously had a sense of humour.......was there anyone or anything in particular that made Him chuckle?

TH - Hi Hef - teasing. Yes, teasing cats, children, me, people he liked. Being Dracula..transforming himself into a monster..making children laugh. He loved Monty Python, The Marx Brothers...He was always quick to see the humour in everyday life.

15 - From penny I would like to know, what would Alex have made of the WORLD now?

TH - Interesting question, Penny. I guess he'd be as disturbed as you or I might be as the world is far from perfect ! he'd still be saying 'don't piss in the water supply' and 'don't buy any bullets, don't fire any bullets'. As he felt that music was the most common denominator and the best form of communication worldwide he'd be happy that there's such a mix of world music now. It saddens me to think that Alex wanted to bring a Moroccan Band over to tour with SAHB and everyone thouht it wouldn't work so it didn't happen. I think he'd recognise that there are good things happening. The struggle to not poison the planet and not kill each other still goes on so I guess he'd carry on being the faithful warrior that he always was.....and another tree dies of shame (From The Tale of the Giant Stoneater)

16 - From hibbitt Hi Trudy. Sweden calling. Just thinking about that last SAHB album Rock Drill. Everywhere you always read about it as the worst album. It sold bad, they didn't tour, the band was not the same etc. Personally I always thought about it as a great album, maybe the best. The Dolphins, Rock Drill, Water Beastie, Who Murdered Sex, Booids etc; so many great tracks! So my question is - what did Alex think about it? Was he proud of it? (Despite the bad sales depending on the new punky new wave climate). Or did he really see it as a artistic failure - like many biographers tend to classify it nowadays? /Christer H

TH - Hi Hibbitt. Yes, a great album. I don't think in any way that Alex thought Rock Drill was an artistic failure. Yes, he was proud of it. Perhaps it wasn't what was expected. If you dare to do something different...and Alex did.... not everyone gets it.

17 - From bluesrider What's your favourite song by Alex and did he say this ones fer you about any song?

TH - Hi Bluerider - There's a line in one of Alex's songs that says, 'My woman seems to want her independence' - I think I must have become exasperated at trying to get Alex to do the washing-up or something. Maybe he'd come home for supper at midnight...I don't know. I'm pretty independent anyway. My favourite song is Give My Regards To Sergeant Fury.

18 - From brokenantler Hi Trudy, what is your greatest memory from the glory days of SAHB?

TH - Well, Brokenantler it's the Christmas gigs in Glasgow where Alex danced cheek to cheek with the dancing girls, (my idea as you know). That was a really fun time.

19 - From sherrymoon Hello, what is your thoughts on SAHB still gigging without Alex?

TH - Hi Sherrymoon.....I wish them well they're keeping their's and Alex's music alive and that can't be bad.

20 - From sharks teeth Have you seen SAHB live without Alex / if not, would you like to?

TH - Hallo Sharks Teeth. Yes, a long time ago...Why would I say no........they can send me a ticket.

Thanks Everyone for all these searching questions. It's not always easy going over the past. Thanks also to you all for keeping Alex's music so vibrantly alive. VAMBO ROOLS OK...Luv Trudy

The Biggest Of Thanks To TRUDY Very Much Appreciated!

Photograph Of TRUDY & ALEX (Loch Ness 1977) With Thanks C/o of Trudy Harvey.


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