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21 Q & A's With HUGH MCKENNA (AKA The Proffesor) Uploaded Setember 2008

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1 - From Emotional Rescue

I Love S.A.H.B's music...Where was Buffs Bar? as in Buffs Bar Blues.I asked Ted(about 5 years ago)and he did'nt know where it was.

HM - Alex told me Buffs Bar was somewhere in the Gorbals, although I donít know where exactly.

2 - From $helley [KHK] [WCST]

In 3 words how would you sum up being in the amazing SAHB?, Shelley

HM - Itís really great.

3 - From Jon The Hat

I remember seeing you play an accordian at a gig. When did you start playing, (before the keyboard, or in later years?) and has any of your accordian playing been recorded? Thanks for being an inspiration, and for sounding fantastic at the ABC last December.

HM - I learned accordian for about a year when I was 7. I started playing piano when I was 8 and gave up the accordian. I played accordian on Dogs of War.


4 - From Tom tubepigeonvictim

What's your favourite track(s) that you've written, or had a hand in writing for SAHB.

HM - My favourite track is Faith Healer, closely followed by Give My Compliments to the Chef, Sirroco and Dance to Your Daddy.

5 - From Mrs Foster

Is there anything in Alex's back catalogue you would like to tinkle about with, im thinking about stuff from the Soul Band days in particular, or even with his New Band???

HM - Not really

6 - From victor55

Curious to know that if you had to do it all over again; what would you do differently and why.

HM - When I left the band in the 70ís, I would rather have left under more amicable circumstances.

7 - From Craigie Dee

Can you play the drums & How do you feel when you see THAT keyboard playing on G M C T T C ... on the clip from The old Grey Whistle Test ?

HM - Yes, I can play a bit of drums. I feel quite pleased when I see THAT clip.

8 - From platterpete

Musically, what was the biggest regret of your career?

HM -I donít have any musical regrets.

9 - From peterbarrow

Given the band's talent, nay sublime gift, for taking and improving classics like 'Delilah' and 'School's Out', are there any are there others you would have liked to/would like to 'tinker with'.

HM - 8 Miles High by The Birds

10 - From moopig

What is/are your fondest memory(s) of Alex?

HM - Memories of Alex playing me his favourite records at his home in London.

11 - From catherine

I seem to recall that you mentioned that you were "born in a trunk" - you parents being "on the stage" - what was their act and were you onstage as a youngster with them?

HM - My parents performed seperately. My father was a piano accordionist and my mother was a singer and yes, I appeared on stage on the same bill as them when I was 5, playing mouth organ.

12 - From kgisborne

Which SAHB album did you most enjoy being involved in the writing & recording of, and why?

HM - SAHB stories was my favourite album, because I loved all the songs.

13 - What has been the most memorable SAHB gig(s) for you and why?

HM - The first Reading Festival, because it was total magic.

14 - What has been the "worst"/least enjoyable SAHB gig/event for you and why?

HM - The least enjoyable SAHB gig was one the band did in Aberdeen about 3 years ago, because we were under-rehearsed and made a mess of some of the arrangements.

15 - Musically, which musician(s)/band(s) have been the biggest influence on you, and why?

HM - The Beatles, The Stones, Led Zeppelin and The Who, simply because they were great bands with great songs and great playing.

16 - What was the weirdest experience you've ever had as a musician ie weird gig, strange TV appearance, etc

HM - None in particular

17 - From caveman

As a highly talented artist, did you ever consider the Rick Wakeman "concept album" route?

HM -No, I donít particularly like that type of pseudo-classical keyboard playing.

18 - From CROOK TOWN

can you play any other instrument?

HM - Yes, I can play a bit of guitar, a bit of bass and a little bit of drums, mouthorgan and accordian.

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19 - From Catriona

You drink a lot of Red Bull onstage, but you still manage to look so laid back, doesn't the Red Bull work?!

HM - The Red Bull makes me feel alert without being hyper.

20 - From George Reed - Glasgow

Any chance of some of your solo compositions being made available

HM - Yes, I intend to put some piano pieces as well as a few songs on the SAHB website at some point in the future.

21 - From Susan Brown - Stoke On Trent

What was your worst Alex memory

HM - Falling out with him and leaving the band in the 70ís

A Big Thanks To All The SAHBSTER'S And To Hugh,Much Appreciated.


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