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GEORGE YOUNG.... Tell's us his Tale Of How He Obtained.ALEX's Famous Red Scarf

George's Storie Starts On The Night Of March 12th,1975....... Uploaded September 2010

How clearly I remember everything about the night of March 12th, 1975 at the Roxy Theater in Northampton, Pennsylvania. There were two shows that night, a 7:30pm and 9:30pm show. There were no tickets sold for those shows, the price of admission was wearing the SAHB tee shirt that you had to buy, for $3.50, four weeks in advance, at our local radio station or record stores. It was the Roxy's second anniversary show. The theater held approximately 500-600 people, and at that time because the Roxy's shows were all general admission, you had to get there early and line up if you wanted to get upfront at the stage so you could shake hands, get guitar picks, and drumsticks from the bands. My friends and I started lining up for the second show right after the theatre had let everyone in to see the first show. The shows had two different color shirts, a blue shirt was for the first show, and a red shirt for the second show. I still have that “ticket shirt” that I wore that night. When we were let in to the show, we ran right down front to the stage, and I was right in between bass player, Chris Glen and Alex Harvey himself!! As the show started, the house lights dimmed; the atmosphere of anticipation and excitement was amazing, then, the fanfare theme started playing. The place got so loud, you could feel the vibration in your chest. When Alex came on, he had to quiet the crowd to introduce the band. The rest is pretty much history for anyone who has attended any SAHB show. When the band was coming to the end of playing the song "Anthem" and the pipers came on stage, Alex was making his way all along the front of the stage shaking hands. When he came over to me and reached out and to shake my hand, the red scarf that was tucked in on the right side of his trousers had fallen onto the stage right in front of me, and as a big Alex Harvey fan, I reached over and grabbed it, and tucked it in my pocket. As a teenager I enjoyed having it for a while, and then like a lot of things, as we get older, I put it in a box, in storage in my parents’ home, where it remained for 35 years. Until they just recently passed away, so my family and I went through the things in the house, and that was when I re-I discovered it. The scarf looks to be hand- made, with green borderline stitching and white tassels hanging all around the edges. I didn't realize that it might have been a prized possession of Alex until I thought maybe I would go to the SAHB website and check on the internet. There is the red scarf, on various record covers and on the SAHB web site it’s all over the home page, on which, in a few different photos, Alex is wearing it around his head. Now I want to share my story with all the SAHB fans and followers around the world. I also didn't realize that it might have been hand-made by Alex himself, until I received an email message from Trudy that it sounded like Alex's sewing!! The red scarf is located close to the NJ-PA state border in a small village in my home, in a frame, safe and secure.


A BIG SAHBSATIONAL Thanks To GEORGE Very Much Appreciated!


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