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DAVE FIELDS.. Designer Of The Classic S.A.H.B Logo Gives Us An Insight S.A.H.B 1970's Style

Biog on The Sensational Alex Harvey Band by Dave Field (Illustrator and Designer) Uploaded September 2010

Background Track - S.A.H.B - DOLPHINS - From The 1978 Album - Rock Drill

In 1970 I designed the B&C and PEGASUS record labels and consequently the NAZARETH logo and Type style. I then went on to design and illustrate the RAZAMANAZ and LOUD N' PROUD album sleeves. Around 1975/6 with the launch of MOUNTAIN MANAGEMENT / RECORDS I designed the company's corporate idendity, comprising of the logo, letterheads, PANACHE record label and various merchandising projects. As I was pretty much producing most of the design work for MOUNTAIN at this time, I was seeing a great deal of DEREK NICOL at his flat in Sloane St. and also of BILL FEHILLY who jetted into London every week. I was asked to produce a band logo for THE SENSATIONAL ALEX HARVEY BAND and like I did with NAZARETH, immediately fell in love with the sound, I thought they both were destinctive and creative. I then went on to produce The S.A.H.B. first album. Having met the guys, I thought I would major on the stripe idea, taken from the T-Shirt that Alex was always wearing. I came up with the then revolutionary idea of using metal foil for the album as well as it wasn't used up to this point and managed to get the concept through all the Powers That Be, including liasing with the sleeve printers to find a way of heat sealing the foil. I believe it went on to win a sleeve award. The next album I was asked to produce was TOMORROW BELONGS TO ME and in a meeting with Derek, Bill, Alex and the Guys. Alex produced a large cardboard folder with four foolscap pieces of lined notepaper with the lyrics of the track, THE TALE OF THE GIANT STONEATER, he hoped it would help me to illustrate the lyrics for the album cover. It was a great job to do. I promised Alex I would keep the original songsheets safe although I didn't think it would be for a period of 30 odd years. I have now been in touch with TED MCKENNA and I have returned it to TED, HUGH and CHRIS. The last album I designed fully was the LIVE album although I put the artwork together for several more. One of the best commissions I had was to produce the SAHB SONGBOOK, which was very interesting and it got me to go through Alex's life with archive pictures to use in the book as well as being able to illustrate with a free hand. Tracks like SGT. FURY, my all time favourite - THE FAITH HEALER, VAMBO MARBLE EYE, TOMAHAWK KID, ACTION STRASSE, JUNGLE JENNY and of course TALE OF THE GIANT STONEATER which has print of the lyric sheet mentioned above, at the end of the music track. I was particularly impressed with Alex's attitude towards guns and war and the fact that he was a conscientious objector, although his conscientious objector card which i included in the book artwork was later taken out so page 6 has a blank area. I was to art direct a few photo shoots with the guys and it was always a hoot, especially the one in which we used for GANGBANG in the song book. It was fun to have them visit our studio. I thought that Alex was one of the all time great creative rock and rollers and will always remember him with great affection as with the guys, for their creative playing skills. It was a privelage to have been a part of their legend.
I now write, play 12 string and lead sing in my band THE QUIRKS - we are recording our first album at present and hope to release it sometime very soon.


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