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20 Q & A's With BILLY RANKIN ( S.A.H.B Vocalist Prior To Max ) Uploaded October 2008

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Background Track - S.A.H.B - Amos Moses With BILLY RANKIN On Vocals, Live King Tuts Glasgow 2003

1 - From - thetomahawkkid58

yo ho ho billy, whats yer favourite sahb song to sing live ?, awra fae t.k.

BR - Yo,Ho,Ho? Alas it's not 'Tomahawk Kid' T.K. but that's always fun. It would have to be 'Hammer Song' purely from a singer's point of view. It's just so good to belt out.

2 - From - jesther

My older brother saw the Zal Band in Reading and introduced me to the music, although I confess I only really listened because I had such a huge crush on Billy Rankin, Mum reckons I only married a Scot because of him and no my question isnt will you marry me. Which SAHB track sums your life up, performing obviously, not personal?

BR - Reading was where Alex came to see us and I met him for the first time. He asked me to join his new band, just to fuck with Zal I think! Starting with 'Faith Healer' always got me going. What an opener! Oh, I cant marry you but lets do lunch sometime, ok?

3 - From - jesther

What would you consider to be the highlight and lowlight of your career. Not strictly SAHB / Rankin.

BR - Highlight probably getting a top 20 solo single in the States in 84, lowlight not marrying you!

4 - From - Mrs Foster

What do you think of the No Mean City album, that Zal done with Nazareth ? ah just love it.

BR - It's my all-time favourite Naz album and I used to do 'Simple Solution' with the Zal Band, by the way!

5 - From - catherine

If you had the chance to sing with any group of musicians - who would they be? (mix'n'match, doesn't have to be one band)

BR -SAHB are without a doubt the best musicians I've ever sung with, and would again, no question!

6 - From - amos

What are you are your favourite (and least favourite) memories of the infamous 2003 King Tuts gig?

BR - That was a tough time for me cos my mum was seriously ill in hospital and I wasn't at my best. Crying outside with my wife and Sandra Cleminson before the gig wasn't pleasant but I really enjoyed the gig itself.

7 - From Sahbofficial

How did it come about you taking over from Stevie Doherty?

BR - Stevie left, or was pushed, not sure, so I joined to help out, that's all.


Did you know Alex or ever see him or SAHB live in the 70's?

BR - Alex and Trudi lived near me in North London and they always made me very welcome. I took my first solo single round to him, he played it then smashed it off the table saying, 'That's Shite!' And he was right! Lovely guy.


Most memorable Zal moment?

BR - Oh, I couldn't possibly tell you, I was only 17 and two weeks later I was 47. (With The Zal Band in Sweden? Maan! Mother!)


Most memorable Ted moment?

BR - See above...actually I remember Ted chasing me through the corridors of our Malmo hotel cos I'd stole the joint! Our tour manager Eddie shouted, 'Run for fuck's sake Billy! He WILL kill you!'


Most memorable Chris moment?

BR - Coming over to my flat in London with a bottle of scotch at 7 in the morning to tell me my dad had died. (I didn't have a phone and my brother called him.) He calmed me down and held me while I cried like a girl.


Most memorable Hugh moment?

BR - Sharing a room with Hugh in Dusseldorf. I went to the toilet and he asked if I could have a shite so as he could have a wank to the porn channel. Yes, he WAS kidding, but I wasn't so sure!


What was the worst SAHB moment?

BR - Realising I'd forgotten the second verse of 'Next' in Aberdeen only to have Chris kick my arse! (Missed it out completely, went totally blank!)


In your time with the band you performed the songs faithfully to the originals. What did you think of the more industrial versions that came after.

BR - Actually I'd disagree with that. All I did was sing them like I do and NEVER try to be Alex. Industrial versions are always down to Zal, and I'm all for it....sometimes!


What sparked the end of your time with SAHB?

BR - There's never been a 'start' or 'finish' with me and SAHB, they're my mates, always will be.


Have you seen SAHB with Max Maxwell? if so What are your thoughts?

BR - Max is cool. He puts his own stamp on SAHB, he reminds me a bit of Leroi with The Zal Band. Mental!


Did you ever record anything with any of the SAHB guys?

BR - Chris played on my first couple of solo singles with CBS in 1980. Ted and Zal played on my first solo album 'Growing Up Too Fast' in 83 and Zal played on the 84 follow up, 'Crankin.' Hugh just played with me in general, but we never recorded that!


Having been in Nazareth and SAHB which do you prefer?

BR - Unfair question!


What's your thoughts on SAHB without Zal?

BR - That is not a thought, that is not a possibility. Don't ever think that!


Can you remember where your first and last shows with SAHB were?

BR - First with SAHB was probably 'Princes Street Gardens Edinburgh' when during 'Framed' I said 'Are you that c*nt from Neighbours' to Craig McClachlan, cos he was! Last? There is no last!

And Thats A Cool Line To End This Q & A!!

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