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Q & A With ALEX's Son ALEX HARVEY JR Uploaded October 22nd 2011

20 Questions For Alex From SAHBOFFICIAL

Background Track - S.A.H.B - Tomahawk Kid - From The Album - HOT CITY!

Q-1 - From thetomahawkkid1 Hey Alex jnr, growing up with such a famous father there must have been a lot of music in your life, are there any recordings you have of your dad that might still see the light of day ?

AHJ - Yes of course - loads and loads of music, when I was growing up! As far as other recordings yet to see the light of day - I really don't know, who can say what's out there, somewhere? I don't have any.

Q-2 yo Alex jnr, what do you do to unwind ?

AHJ- Did he say YO!!! (Alex laughed out loud) The Tomahawk Kid is my favourite track!! Loads of things help me unwind, especially being with ny children.

Q-3 - From vambo1uk Did your Dad call you Junior?

Q-4 - and what, if any was the most embarassing moment you can recall as a kid that you Dad performed?...

Q-5 - Also did you get to play with his soldiers? That's 3 questions I know, but sure what the hell?

AHJ - No, Dad didn't call me junior - he called me Alex, cos that's my name!! I was known as Wee Alex by he family...He never did anything to embarrass me, I'm sure I would recall it if he had..And yes, I helped him paint the soldiers, so of course I was allowed to play with them

Q-6 - From Mrs Foster Did your dad ever take you to a S.A.H.B. gig, and what were your impressions ?

AHJ - Yes he did, from the age of about 12, although I cannot put an exact date.

or venue to the very first time I saw them - I saw the band so many times! Early impressions were I thought the guys in the band were all about 6'6",

between their hair and platform shoes!!

Q-7 - Your dad is well known to have loved Marvel comics, do you remember him buying / reading any ? and did he have them as a collection? and do you still have them or have they been binned

AHJ - Yes, Tyro and I would go with Dad up to various specialist shops to get his comics. The X Men & Sergeant Fury and His Howling Commandos were among his favourites. There was quite a collection and yes, we still have that collection, as well as one of my own.

Q-8 - From rusty There was a few years between yourself and Tyro so did you guys really get the chance at some stage to develop a bond and do either of you have children that may follow in their grand fathers footsteps?

AHJ - Tyro and I have always been close, there's only 8 years between us, we have a really tight bond with one another. I have two children,Tyro has one; who knows what the future will bring for them - they can make their own choices.

Q-9 - If they decided to make a movie about the life of your father what would you suggest for the title and who (apart from yourself) do you think could do the lead role justice?

AHJ - Now, what a fantastic question, Rusty!! There's more thought needed for this one, so I'll come back to it .........think as I might, I honestly just don't know what the title should be!! Oddly enough, just for fun, we have gone through all the family members, casting them in just such a hypothetical film!!..There have never been so many really good Scottish actors as we have at present, and who to cast? Who could say - I think it would have to be either one very versatile actor to cover the age range from his twenties to his forties or two different actors, one younger, one older

Q-10 - Alex, Is your mother also blessed with the entertainment gene's you have clearly inherited? and .........How did she come to meet up with Alex Senior?

AHJ - Mum liked to sing but round the house but would never have been a professional entertainer - she was Mum!..Having thought about it, honestly, I'm really not sure how they did meet.

Q-11 - With all the musical influences around you growing up from Alex senior and Uncle Leslie, Maggie Bell, Jimmy Dewar and of course the SAHB lads what music have you ended up listening to?

AHJ - Everything! From jazz to classical and everything in between - just the same as the wide ranging types music I was raised with

Q-12 - From Catherine what inspired or inspires you, in your photography, your acting - life in general.

AHJ - My Father, Grandmother & Grandfather were my greatest inspirations and still are

Q-13 - We mentioned "laying ghosts" back in February @ The Tribs fabulous fundraiser but you misunderstood my question - had you ever seen a SAHB tribute band before?

AHJ - It was the first time I'd seen a SAHB tribute band and I have to say I really, truly thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening, the people were so friendly and the whole atmosphere was great and for folk to care this much, so many years down the line. For them to get into fundraising and a memorial from the fans, it really is a form of magic and all because of music.

Q-14 - I saw your reaction to some of the numbers and thought that it must have been a pretty big step to come along that evening - was it?

AHJ - There will always be some of the numbers that Dad did that affect me in different ways, so many memories - and ghosts too, who doesn't have ghosts? I think the perfect track for 1 o'clock on a Sunday afternoon is Gang Bang, always makes me smile.

Q-15 - I know you're a hands on Dad, can you cook?

AHJ - (Alex laughs) Yeh, I can cook good


Q-16 - if your Dad had not gone the road to music as his life's work and if he'd chosen to take up all the further education opportunities that are so readily available to young people today - what career path would he have followed d'you reckon?

AHJ - My guess would be something to do with literature, an author or historian, some kind of writing, maybe journalism. Dad was voracious reader - or he might have worked in a shoeshop....(Alex laughs)

Q-17 - From CROOK TOWN have you ever sprayed VAMBO ROOL on a brick wall

AHJ - No, not guilty!!

Q-18 - From penny Do you have any favourite films?

AHJ - Way too many to mention, I don't have one single, particular favourite

Q-19 - Who would play you in a film of your life?

AHJ - I have no idea!!

Q-20 - Are you much of a reader? If you are, who are your favourite authors?

AHJ - Yes, I do read a whole lot, nothing like as much as my Dad though and again, no one favourite author.

Q-21 - From chesterthecat77 Hello Alex, When your Father wasn't entertaining his fans, who did he enjoy being entertained by? Do you recall him going to any gigs or having a favourite comedy show? Do you think his theatrical stage presence influenced you to become an actor? best wishes from Scott Manson

AHJ - Hello Scott, yes, he did go to see other bands but again, across a wide spectrum of styles. Favourite comedy show - he was amused by Fawlty Towers & Monty Python and the likes, the stuff that was new and crazy at the time

Q-22 - From caveman Hi Alex, thank for doing this, assuming you heard everyting your father did, i remember you saying he would sometimes wake you guys up saying "listen to this", what track/album do you feel is your favourite, and what would you or indeed he consider his finest work, i know thats two questions, but shy bairns get nowt!!!

AHJ - Hi Caveman, he never expressed having a particular favourite, in common with lots of writers and performers, maybe his current work would be his favourite at the time. As before, he would have considered his most recent work as his finest; I honestly have never considered any one of his works finer than any of the others.

Q-23 - From gordon Hi Alex, first up, thanks very much for doing this. What is your favourite anecdote about The Sensational Alex Harvey Band? Cheers, Gordon

AHJ - There are so very many of them, some that I heard about second hand and some that I witnessed, how could I pick a favourite?

Q-24 - From Brokenantler What is your happiest memory of your dad?

AHJ - With so very many memories of him, too many to pick one over others

Q-25 From Sahbotage This may end the questions on a bit of a downer, do you think, or indeed know, whether your father regretted splitting up SAHB? it seemed to be quite a rash decision at the time.

AHJ - I dont know to be honest, but his nature was always forward moving, he wasn't much into regrets. My own opinion is that should never have happened and they should all have worked harder to sort it all out, because I think they were getting better when they broke up and their journey was only beginning. With video technology just around the corner, it could have gone anywhere......certainly upwards.

A Very BIG thank YOU to Everyone who contributed to the Q&A.

And Special thanks to ALEX HARVEY JR & CATHERINE GLEN.


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